Jerry P
James was excellent and will definitely use his company when replacing the fence.
Cindy H
I am still amazed that I found these guys just by googling and getting a recommendation for them. There were 4 total that were recommended and they were listed in the top 3 as the best and understandably so! I was skeptical at first but I decided to go for it because I really needed my fence repaired. I contacted them, actually it was James that I was speaking to the whole time. It was so Convenient and I also really appreciated the fact that he spoke to me as a person to person and not a man speaking down to a dumb woman. Really appreciate that! He was able to come give me an estimate, for free by the way, and the same day! There was no , well let me see I think I can go see as soon as Wednesday in a week or two, no it was the same day he went to go see the damage. Then he was able to do it the next day from 8:30-5:00 and he was not joking on the time. I got my fence fixed in one day! What?!? Unbelievable! Love these guys so much. I will definitely being getting the rest of my fence repairs done with them. Go with these guys you won t regret it! Oh yeah and most of the talk and agreement and things were discussed over text and phone. I was at work most of the time and couldn t really talk and he had no problem with conversing with me that way. So awesome!!!